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Our Reservation/PARK policIES

7/5 Special - Price is only for the 7 months from October 1 thru April 30. If your home is on the lot during the 5 months of summer, a $50 per month "unoccupied" storage fee applies. ($250 for 5 months)
*Residents paying for water, sewer, and trash through the city are receiving a $30 per month discount which does not apply to 5 months of summer "unoccupied" storage.
** Monthly and longer pay park for electric used or turn on Duke Energy electric meter.
Must abide by all rules as set forth in writing and by management.
All rates based on one or two persons.
No refunds.
Rents: not transferable.
Returned Check Charge: $35.00
Late Fee: 10% per month on unpaid balances 5 days after due date.
Guest Fees: Seasonal and yearly residents are allowed 2 weeks no charge for overnight guests, after 2 weeks overnight guests will be charged $1.00 per day.
All new Yearly or anyone wishing to purchase a unit in the park must be approved by Park Management prior to sale!